Rats, Cats Take Over Kasese Mortuary

Residents of Kasese municipality are angry that their health centre III mortuary has been taken over by rats and wild cats that live off the dead.

The mortuary has no fridge. Jane Biira, from Acholi quarters, said she recently lost her two-year-old son in a car accident but by the time she got the body from the mortuary, it had been mauled.

“My son’s toe was not there and part of one finger was not there and he had just spent one night in the mortuary,” Biira said.

People living near the mortuary complain about the bad stench that pollutes the neighbourhood. The officer in charge of the health centre III, James Mwiriwabo, said last week that the mortuary could no longer handle the stream of bodies coming in, an average of three per day.

He said all accident victims in Kasese district were being taken to the centre yet sometimes relatives did not pick the bodies promptly. The health centre receives at least 200 patients and 20 women in labour per day.

Source : The Observer

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