Rain Displaces 600 Pupils in Tororo

Heavy rain in the eastern district of Tororo on Thursday afternoon displaced 600 pupils at the government-aided Rock View primary school.

The heavy rain, that started at 5pm and lasted two hours, blew off roofs their classroom block. The downpour was characterized by heavy winds and hailstorms, which threw all the iron sheets a few metres away from the affected buildings.

Speaking to The Observer, the school’s head teacher, Bernadette Olokojo, said the damaged building initially accommodated different streams of P7 and P4 classes.

She said no death or injuries had been registered because the rain started after 5pm on Wednesday when pupils had been dismissed before destroying the building in the night. Olokojo described the incident as a setback to the school, revealing that the P7 class has 222 candidates, while the P4 class contains 330 pupils.

Pupils looking at the blown off roof

“This is a setback but at least there are no deaths or injuries registered and we pray that we find a quick way of sheltering the students in the affected classes,” Olokojo said.

She said the affected pupils had been absorbed into other classrooms, causing serious congestion, as the school sought assistance to rebuild the affected structures.

A team of municipal council leaders including the town clerk, the municipal education officer Robinah Jassa, and the municipal inspector of school, Patrick Ereboi, Gabriel Felix Ofwono, and municipal engineers have visited the site to assess the damage caused.

Former students, led by one Juma Seyyid have kicked off a drive to solicit funds for the renovation of the school under the theme, ‘Rock View Rescue Team’.

Source : The Observer


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