Rachael Arinaitwe On Why She Dislikes Ben’s Beard [press release]

NTV’s Rachael Arinaitwe Mwine – she is radio personality Ben Mwine’s wife – recently gave birth to a bouncing and big – all of 4.3kg – baby. She and her husband conferred upon him a mouthful of interesting names. Quick Talk talked to her about all those names, labour and Mothers’ Union.

Hi Rachael, you look lovely. The weight-gain agrees with you. Your stomach hasn’t gone down yet, though.

No it hasn’t. I had a caesarean section and I am not exercising yet.

Oh. How old is the baby?

Three weeks.

Quite young! But all those names you gave him!

[Smiling:] Yes, Micah Avery Mwebembezi Arinaitwe Mwine.

Haha, I like that he got your name too. But how will he use them all? You know those PLE forms have limited name space. A former classmate had to choose three names, out of her five.

I think he will decide on the names to use. The official names might be Micah Avery Mwebembezi.

Oooh. How did you come up with them all?

I prayed for twins I would name Micah and Siima, [where the latter] means thankful in Runyankore. The name Micah came too as I prayed.

Ben has a good friend, Cynthia Ayeza, who was very happy about our marriage and flew in to witness our wedding. We promised her that she would name our child. She says that as she prayed about it, the name God revealed to her was Micah. She also named him Avery, and Mwebembezi, which means leader.

Ben named him Arinaitwe Mwine.

How wonderful that Ben named your son after you and himself!

[Smiles and then we have a conversation about her son’s birth, labour and pregnancy:] I had him at 40 weeks. I was tired of the pregnancy – oba pregnancy makes you feel like an alien has taken over your body? The doctor said I wasn’t ready. I said that I was not going to leave the hospital without a baby. [Hahahaha].

I was induced for two days and [in a you-can’t-believe-this-voice] I did not go into labour!

Haha, Micah wasn’t ready to come into the world!

I did not know that you could fail to get into labour even after being induced! There are so many things I did not know, however much I had read. [Rachael says she consulted ‘Dr Google’ on what to eat, how to sleep, and when to sleep on her back, among other things. ‘Dr Google’ must be the most overworked doctor he deserves a pay raise]

I was prepared for a C-section when my labour failed and there were so many needles involved. I did not know what they were. I was given an injection in the back which still hurts [isn’t that what they call an epidural? Quick Talk wonders].

Oh-oh, sorry. Now that you are a mama, are you wearing Mothers’ Unions?

Do you mean Mothers’ Union underwear?


Are you seriously asking me this? [Quick Talk says she is, prompting Rachael to admit:] No, I don’t. I mean, after surgery you don’t need to be wearing anything uncomfortable so, initially, yes.

Hahaha. But there are some nice-looking ones! Since we are talking fabrics, I am going to ask that we talk about bed sheets. How many times do you think they should be changed? Or how many times do you change yours?

At least twice a week.

Wow, I don’t imagine many change them that often!

Hahaha, they don’t have to be changed as much when one is single [yeah, but when one is married…wink-wink!]

Away from that and onto policemen which one would you vote for as having the best butt?

Policemen? I don’t know policemen.

Yiiii, Rachael. Ok. What attracted you to Ben, by the way?

He has a very cute dimple on the left cheek and uhmmm, in a twisted way, I like his feet.

That’s an interesting part to like. What don’t you find attractive about him?

His beard. He lets it grow and is too lazy to shave it.

What does your own beauty regimen consist of?

I must have a face-wash and cleanser every day. I scrub every two weeks.

A girly-girl you are! How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I am a girly-girl. I don’t know how many pairs of shoes I have … [goes silent as she counts, then says:] they are eight.

Not that many. I also own very few. How old are you, by the way?

I’m turning 33 this year.

What schools did you attend?

J.O.Y PS, Gayaza High School and Migadde College.

I did not know J.O.Y PS was that old! Thank you for the interview, Rachael.

Thank you too, Quick Talk!

Source : The Observer


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