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When Dunstan Kennedy Mutenyo, the promotions manager of Century Bottling Company, meets Quick Talk at Pope Paul Memorial on Wednesday June 4, they talk about his colourful family background – he is the tenth of 29 children and his father had six wives.

They talk about his childhood – his father, who owned a tertiary institution, Elgon Tutorial College, was constantly in prison because of his political beliefs. Also, a saucepan was always on fire because “being a politician, people were always flocking home” and needed to be refreshed.

Mutenyo talks about his father a lot but, Quick Talk is interested in him, not his father…

Thank you for seeing me Kennedy.

No problem Quick Talk. Observer are my people.


Yes. Since I was late, I will buy you a Coke. You have to take a Coke. Hahaha, you can take whatever you want. [Out of politeness, Quick Talk orders for Fanta Orange.]

Isn’t Kennedy a surname?

I was named for J.F Kennedy. My father, Hon Solomon Mutenyo – he was a politician – loved Kennedy’s ideals. I was also given a pet name, Apuuli, probably for the sake of my mother who is a Mutooro.

My mother says I was a very peaceful baby she could leave me in the house and neighbours wouldn’t know I was there because I didn’t cry. I live up to the name Kennedy JFK was a lover of peace.

He was? The most-catching thing I’ve read about him is that he allegedly gave his wife some uuuhm, not good diseases, STIs to be particular. But away from him, how old are you?

I was born in the 60s.

You greyed quickly!

I got grey hair at 18. My late dad got it at 17. I have a son who is 17 and he has grey hair. My young brother Kelly Wanda has more grey hair than I have and my mother has a lot of grey hair.

Eh, your poor child! I hear men dread greying and going bald. Are you comfortable with your hair?

I like it. When I go home, my mother says: “why don’t you dye your hair?” But look at Kofi Annan, he looks good with his hair.

Away from hair, what is your favourite food?

It used to be chapatti, ugali and beans. But when I went on a weight loss programme, I cut out some foods. I now eat matooke and Irish potatoes no red meat.

Do you take alcohol?

No. But when I tell people that I don’t, they don’t believe me. I [hang out] with drunkos and in the morning they get this thing called hangover. They wonder how they got home. Why suffer?

Why suffer indeed? Are you married?

[Uncomfortably] Aaaaah, I have a kid one boy.

Haha. What attracts you to a woman?

Huh, when I say that people will laugh at me. Anyway, a truly African woman.

What does that mean? No make-up? Short, kinky hair?

No, no, it is not about make-up. A beautiful woman must have good curves… [trails off and then:] women are a necessary component of life.

Hahaha, that’s funny! I hear “women are a necessary component of life”.

They are. The Bible says God found Adam very lonely and annoyed and He made Eve. I think when He made her, He must have seen a smile on Adam’s face. Besides, women are our mothers. [Hahaha, oba what version of the Bible does Mutenyo have?

Quick Talk does not remember reading anywhere that Adam was very annoyed because he did not have Eve. Lonely? Yes. Annoyed? Not sure about that one.]

Is there a news anchor that makes you watch news because she is beautiful?

No. I watch news because of what my mother says. She says you have to be abreast of issues and that happens when you watch news. Of course when a beautiful, shapely woman is reading news using good language, it is an added aantage.

What type of music do you enjoy?

A lot of Afrigo music and Rumba. Country music reminds me of my dad.

What songs get you grooving?

There is this song, Sirina Anaantwala. I also enjoy Celine Dion, Jim Reeves and of course Geoffrey Lutaaya.

Who is Uganda’s most beautiful sports woman?

[After a long thoughtful pause] Huh… At some point there was this woman, I think she was [Mary] Musoke. Aaaah, there is Susan Muwonge.

What football team do you support?

KCC, Arsenal FC, the original Real Madrid, Brazil and Uganda Cranes. All those teams have one thing in common, they play footie with flair, what people call kawoowo.

If you were allowed memory, which one would you keep?

My late dad.

You reeaallly love your parents. I haven’t met a person who talks about their parents as much as you do.

[Smiling] When my dad believed in something, no one could change his mind.

If you were to have a biography written, what title would you want for it?

The man who stood for truth and justice.

Finally, what would you take to a desert island?

One thing, Afrigo music volume 1, the album that has Sirina Anaantwala. Even if I am angry, that song lifts me up.

Source : The Observer

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