Pupils dodge school to fend for their blind father

Kampala. Two primary pupils have cut their study hours from school in order to care for their blind father. Their mother left Mr Daniel Odede, 57, for another man after he became blind.

The young girls, Grace Amongo, 14, and Rebecca Asango, seven years are pupils of Kichinjaji Primary school in Soroti Town studying in Primary Six and two respectively.

Amongo told Daily Monitor that after an eye problem shuttered their father’s sight in late 2013, their mother disappeared to Busoga with her new husband leaving them with the burden of attending to their disabled and blind father.

She added that they opted to attend half classes in fear of letting their father die of hunger. “We don’t go working, but we push him on his wheelchair to the streets to beg in case good Samaritans give [money] we buy food that keeps us going,” a sobbing Amongo narrated.

“Everything was well before daddy went blind he was a cobbler bicycle repairer and when he couldn’t do that anymore to provide for mummy she left, she is not torturing only our father but us too, we need to be at school,” she revealed.Amongo said life is extremely hard: “We have to push daddy to the offices of the disabled persons, then we continue to school until 1pm when then we pick him up and we head home to keep our books before we hit the street for a begging spree with him, currently the school is demanding for remedial fees, which daddy can’t afford,”Mr Odede first experienced difficulty in seeing at the end of 2013.

“I went to hospital here in Soroti but they told me that they needed 2.8m for an operation to be executed in Mengo (hospital) which I couldn’t afford,” he said.

He added that when he couldn’t see anymore, and work, his wife one Rhema Asango disappeared with a rich witchdoctor to Busoga. “Unfortunately the man Iam told died this year but the whereabouts of the mother of my children remains unknown. I have accumulated rent but thanks the landlord knows my predicament,” he said.One of the neighbours identified as Susan, said that times when luck doesn’t come their way, they go without food.

She added: The man was hardworking before he became blind and looked at the wife tenderly but it’s unfortunate that that is the reward she affords to execute.”


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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