Public Involvement in Education Welcome [editorial]

Recently, former students from Tororo district came together to express their concern over the performance of schools in national exams.

They were particularly concerned that some of their old schools were no longer performing as well as they did in the past. After putting up the hard questions, they resolved to raise funds to support the improvement of these schools.

This matter is a growing trend. In recent years, some parents and old students have been uniting to rebuild their old schools in a bid to regain past glory. While the running of schools is the responsibility of the government, there is no doubt that the schools that perform best in national examinations are those where the school management committee and old students’ networks have thrived best.

Indeed, the minister of state for Primary Education, Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo, urged parents and old learners to support their old schools more if they want them to succeed. He argued that the role of monitoring progress there was best handled by parents and old students, while the government provided overall guidance.

While some will argue that this is the state abdicating its duties to the citizens, there is no doubt that if one became successful as a result of the education obtained in a school, it is prudent to give back.

So, next time your school is looking for your support, don’t stop at signing that cheque. Go ahead and ensure that the school’s activities are well monitored

Source : The Observer

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