Productive activities for your vacationists

I remember during our time, vacation was something we all looked forward to. I’m not certain how it is today but I’m certain that children are looking forward to watching television often. I remember babysitting my cousin during my Senior Four vacation and I learnt something about parenting like carrying a newly born child.

In my Senior Six vacation, I helped an aunt with a catering business for a while and from there I mastered some of the basic cookery skills without paying a cent so I guess it was helpful because to date, I still apply them. It is good to keep the child busy because this will discourage them from bad behaviourinfluence.

Denis Odoi, a psychologist with Uganda Assemblies of God shares, “During the vacation, as a parent you already know what your child is capable of.
“It is your duty to encourage them to improve their strengths through exposure by indulging them in activities such as reading, watching television programmes that dwell on what they are interested in, motivating and rewarding them on every good thing they do.

“However, draw a timetable table for them so that they can still have leisure time and time for seriousness.”

Enrol them into events around town specifically designed to cater to vacationists. Ensure, however, that the benefits outweigh your worries.
For instance, the kisaakaate, a retreat organised by Nagginda Nabagereka, is underway. Your daughter would be taught the proper way to behave like a lady and how to go about some household chores such as cooking.
The activities around town

Shyaka Mbanda from Tech Kids Kiwatule shares that they will be holding a holiday camp for children between the ages of five to 13 years. What is better than your Primary Seven child acquiring computer skills?

The camp will be for six weeks with the first three weeks in December and it started on November 19, and the other three weeks will commence in January six to 23, and are required to pay Shs250, 000.

During the three weeks, the camp runs from Monday to Friday and children will be taught the basics about computer and how to make video games. This will benefit the child because it is boosting the thinking of the child. This will be at the Ark Kindergarten Kiwatule and at the Sunset Apartments Bugolobi.

On the other hand, Kampala Kids League has a two day holiday tournament in January 24 to 5, for holiday participants and it will involve children all ages at the Rufura playground in Wankulukuku.

So, for a child who has expressed a passion for football, this is the perfect opportunity to discover if they have real talent. Berna Namwanje the Programme’s manager highlights that there will be a campaign in January aocating for proper hygiene, “Wash challenge” which will encourage the child to be involved and let them implement the skills at home as well, heshe will be an ambassador of hygiene in your home.

Every parent always wants the best for their child and there is nothing better than letting a child discover what they are good at. Inquire from your church on whether there are any upcoming activities, and then encourage the child to take part. Mbozze Agnes, a teacher from Kitagenda Primary School- Kiboga, says “it is important for a parent to engage their child but do not let it seem like a punishment because the child will become rebellious and feel unappreciated. Keep the child busy and get time to talk to them and aise them often.”

However, always provide for the child because this could lead them to look for alternatives from the wrong places.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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