Prince takes Kabaka to court over land

The Land Division of the High Court has summoned the Kabaka of Buganda (king) Ronald Muwenda Mutebi to answer allegations that he refused to hand over 258 acres of land to his elder brother.
Prince Muhammad Kimera Ssemakookiro claims he is the rightful owner of the land in Kasubi, Namungoona and Lubigi which he says is his share as a prince.
Ssemakookiro says that upon division of land in Buganda after the 1900 colonial agreement, out of the 9000 square miles received by the kingdom, the four princes owned 32 square miles. It is out of this that the plaintiff (Ssemakookiro)laims he has his share in addition to what he inherited from his grandmother, Nalinya Mastuula Nkinzi Tajubaa.
According to the court documents, the prince claims that despite several protracted lobbying and reminders, the Kabaka has refused to grant consent and transfer of the suit land in his names.

The suit further states that amicable settlement of the matter has failed in the last ten years.
Ssemakookiro says he has suffered loss and claims the Kabaka is solely liable.
The prince wants court to compel the Kabaka to consent to the transfer of the said land into the complainant’s names.
According to summons signed by the registrar of the court Michael Otto, the Kabaka has been given 15 days from November 29, to file his defence.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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