Presidency minister fires at corrupt RDCs

Minister in charge of the presidency and Kampala capital city, Mr Frank Tumwebaze has charged against corrupt and absentee RDCs and their deputies, saying President Yoweri Museveni is disappointed in their work.

“The Office of the President is a bit disappointed with the habitually part time RDCsDRDCs in districts. Irrespective of what justification you may have, those of you who have been in the habit of absenting yourselves for prolonged terms without approval from Office of the President have exhibited the highest form of corruption by continuously drawing salaries and monitoring funds which you have not worked for,” he said.

Speaking during ongoing retreat for RDCs, deputy RDCs, DISOs, CAOs at the national leadership institute (NALI) Kyankwazi, Mr Tumwebaze observed that for the Office of the President to convince government on the role of RDCsDRDCs and need for further facilitation, they must prove their worth and relevance by performing their core mandate.

He said the primary responsibility of RDCs and DRDCs is to monitor and ensure that services and resources meant for the people are received and ensuring that the government programmes benefit the ordinary person, a mandate many of them have overlooked.

“District officials should help government eliminate loopholes that can cause diseases or poverty. I urge you to work like you owe this nation a service. Building of a nation is not a duty, it’s a pleasure to all that love their country and there is no price tag to this. No salary is suitable enough for a man that builds their nation. Therefore when you are at work, bear in mind that this is your Country,” he said.

The minister further noted that the country is at a time when people are being manipulated into acts of civil disobedience through misinformation.

To tackle this, according to him, the RDCs and their deputies must actively and effectively utilize the media to bridge the information gap by sensitizing the public about government programmes, achievements, plans and opportunities available for the general population.

“I urge you not to look at your current positionsdeployment especially RDCsDRDCs as a career because you can be dropped at any time for one reason or anotherIt is heartening to find a former RDC looking very miserable even those who have served for quite long simply because you do not plan for your future,” he said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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