PREGNANCY NOTES :What causes changes on the skin?

It is common for women to develop changes on their skin when they become pregnant. These include stretch marks, pimples, rashes and skin discolouration.

According to Dr Vincent Karuhanga, a general practitioner at Friends Poly Clinic, these changes happen due to hormonal imbalances. He says it is such changes that reveal what is going on in the woman’s body.

Most skin changes occur on the abdomen, arms, buttocks, hips and breasts. “The discolouration (mask of pregnancy) usually develops on the area around the nipple, although it disappears after childbirth,” says Dr Karuhanga.

He says apart from stretch marks that occur on the abdomen, some women may develop a mid-line (linea nigra), which runs from the pubis to the umbilical cord. Like stretch marks, the midline may never disappear completely after childbirth.

During pregnancy, Dr Karuhanga says the skin becomes sensitive to many things including the sun. The skin can also become pale, which is usually a sign of anaemia.

Tips for good skin
•Pregnant women should always eat a well-balanced diet that contains high amounts of fruits and vegetables is crucial in maintaining good skin during pregnancy.
•Drinking plenty of water to keep the body hydrated prevents the likelihood of developing wrinkles and stretch marks.
•Moderate regular exercise is also recommended as it helps to keep the muscles stretched, and thereby reduce the likelihood of developing stretch marks.
•Dr Karuhanga also cautions against using skincare products that may have negative effects on the skin and alter its appearance.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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