Pregnancy Notes: Take care when you travel

I have always been an active person who loves to travel a lot. But that was until I conceived. Now I realise in my daily movement, I need to be careful not to injure myself as I get along from one place to another. I have also become particular about the means of transport that I use to get around.

Apart from the worry of breaking a leg or arm in case I fall off a boda boda, doctors say accidents during pregnancy can cause a mother to lose her unborn baby.

Dr Alex Masiko, a general practitioner at Kuteesa General Clinic, says it is not only the type of transport an expectant mother uses that increases her risk of accidents, but also things such as the shoes she wears.

“In many cases, expectant mothers are aised to take frequent walks to prevent fatigue for both the mother and the unborn child. But in the same way, such walks cannot be managed if one is wearing high-heeled shoes,” he says.

Dr Masiko further says before expectant mothers travel, especially if it is a long distance journey, they need to consult with their doctors on how they can keep safe during such trips.

The means of transport used during such travels can also help the doctor provide useful aise on what to do. For instance, travelling a long distance on a bumpy road my affect the baby in the womb. It can can also cause backache and lead to swollen feet.
Pregnant women should therefore be aware of such consequences and how they can deal with them. It is also aisable that expectant mothers have their prenatal card with them at all times, in case of an emergency.

“If you are travelling over a long distance, it is important that you pack fruits, juice and water to keep you healthy and hydrated throughout the journey,” says Dr Masiko.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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