Pregnancy notes: House chores

I remember becoming a little lazy when I conceived my little angel five years ago. I liked sleeping too much and became very picky. However, I continued with house chores the normal way because I didn’t have a househelp.

I always woke up in the morning to bathe, mop, sweep the compound, cook, fill the jerrycans with water, and do many other chores. This was the daily routine until a week to my due date when my elder sister came in. I felt as if I was being tortured because I thought pregnant women were meant to be treated in a special way due to their delicate state.

This wasn’t the answer I got from my doctor, Dr John Wagude, a general practioner at St. John’s clinic Bunga, when I inquired about doing house chores. Instead, he told me that it was okay to do house work because it helped both the baby and I to remain active.

However, he aised me never to do some household chores for instance lifting heavy things like jerrycans of water and pulling the sideboard because they could make me tired hence causing discomfort. He also cautioned me never to stand for long, bend too much when washing or mopping to avoid back ache, abdominal pains and squeezing the unborn baby in the process. He said that I would rather squat than bend.

“It’s best to stay active during pregnancy and household chores can be a great way of getting some exercise when you’re pregnant. With house chores, you get to do some exercise without having to take time out for it. Just make sure you don’t overdo it,” he cautioned me.

These simple form of exercise made it easy for me to deliver naturaly.


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