Poor sanitation worries Mbale Town residents

MBALE- Mbale Municipality residents have one thing in common-they hold their mouths and noses when passing through the street alleys.
Their town has been littered with heaps of garbage, human excreta in polythene bags damped on street alleys, old dilapidated buildings and poor sewerage system for the past 15 years.

Unfortunately, the municipality leaders seem to be victims of poor planning resulting from lack of capacity to effectively handle the municipality’s physical planning, development, and the hygiene and sanitation of the town.

Although the municipal spokesperson, Mr James Kutosi, accepted that there was a problem of garbage in town, he was quick to add that it was basically a problem of people’s attitude in town.

“Yes, although we have garbage skits everywhere in town to control the situation, our people even after sensitisation dump all the rubbish outside the skits, defecate in polythene bags and damp the human excreta in the street alleys…,” said Mr Kutosi, adding that sometimes the garbage trucks break down or have no fuel to carry garbage away from the town.
He said because of laxity of the physical planning department, the people constructing houses on Manafwa Road, North Road and Kumi Road, have in addition to blocking the main sewer line, also connected the rainwater drainage system with the toilets thereby making human excreta flow with the water whenever it rains.

Mr Kutosi said the toilet systems in many buildings in town have broken down because the buildings are very old, dilapidated and almost a death trap to the occupants.

“And this has made many of the occupants to use flying toilets [polythene bags] for convenience but, unfortunately, even when there are garbage skits, they throw them on the street alleys posing great danger of outbreak of diseases like Cholera and dysentery,” said Mr Kutosi.

The mayor, Mr Mutwalib Zandya, said the municipality research has found out that a number of buildings lack toilet facilities which forces the residents to resort to using polythene bags and that soon they are going to take legal action against them.

The Nema health inspection report on the Mbale Municipality industrial division says: “An inspection of the Mbale regional Abattoir, food processing stores, eating places, wood works, small and medium industries reveals that the entire industrial area lacks sanitary facilities and this is a clear reason why 600kg of human excreta is being discharged daily into yams and sugarcane gardens and other bushes around industrial area,” reads the report in part.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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