Politicians warned against tribalism


Political leaders must desist from fuelling tribal conflicts, the State Minister for Animal Industry, Maj Bright Rwamirama has warned.
Speaking as chief guest at celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of Rwanda’s Liberation Day on Friday at the residence of the Rwanda Ambassador, Maj Rwamirama noted that these conflicts can be avoided if
leaders refrain from politicising the already sensitive issues.
“As political leaders, we should be responsible enough not to ferment ethnic divisions and be willing to act to contain undesirable situations.
It is our responsibility to empower the powerless while giving voice to the voiceless,” Maj Rwamirama emphasised.
The minister’s remarks come days after tribal clashes in Bundibugyo and Kasese districts in the Rwenzori region left more than 90 people dead and scores displaced.
Maj Rwamirama noted that there is increasing conflict in the Great Lakes region, which, if not checked, may breed regional instability.

“There are still negative forces that remain a destabilising factor and undermine peace in the Great Lakes region. Uganda will continue to neutralise such forces where need be,” the minister said.
Rwanda’s Ambassador to Uganda Frank Mugambage said his country’s struggle over the past 20 years was to get rid of bad governance that promoted hatred and destroyed unity.

“This bad political culture had to be changed in Rwandathe root cause of most conflicts, if not all, is bad governance, either by its failure to prevent conflict or to manage or solve it. Such bad leadership is guided
by ideologies which deny human rights to its citizens or certain categories of people,” Maj Mugambage noted.
He said Rwanda has learnt from the challenges in its dark history and picked up the pieces to foster development.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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