Police to Crush ‘December 15 Revolt’

Across the country, mostly on social media, Ugandans are being mobilized to join the “December 15 Revolution” to “reclaim our country” and “bring sanity to this land.”

But police say they are partnering with communities to nip the planned revolution in the bud. Police Deputy Spokesperson Polly Namaye told The Observer yesterday that they were taking the social media messages posted mainly last week seriously and urged “the public not be worried.”

“We are ready. I don’t think it’s something that will be overwhelming for the police,” Namaye said in a telephone interview.

She said the media monitoring unit was scrutinising social media messages to avert the planned revolt and deal with it in case it happens.

The revolution:

For about a fortnight now, messages inviting Ugandans to participate in the revolution to “reclaim our country” and “bring sanity to this land” have been circulating on social media.

The protesters, according to a November 28 post by a one Tom Voltaire Okwalinga Tvo, who claims to be one of the organizers, will march to Parliament and State Lodge Nakasero while others, reportedly belonging to former Premier Amama Mbabazi camp, will storm the NRM delegates’ conference at Namboole stadium.

The Namboole group is reportedly opposed to the amendment of the NRM constitution to allow the party chairperson President Museveni to appoint the secretary general while Mbabazi, the embattled SG, is on “forced leave”.

Tempers within the NRM continue to flare after President Museveni sacked premier Mbabazi in September for allegedly harbouring presidential ambitions.

The demonstrators, who claim they are protesting against life presidency, bad governance and impunity, according to a November 25 post, will “demand the resignation of the current dictatorship and the appointment of a transitional government.” An independent electoral body, Okwalinga adds in the post, will then hold free and fair elections.


The messages also ask Ugandans to print and distribute flyers, whistles and help transport friends and relatives from villages to take part in the revolution in Kampala. Although the revolution is scheduled for December 15 in Kampala, according to the messages, many flags and flyers will be littered on city streets next week ahead of the day of the revolution.

In a Monday post, Okwalinga also explains that the demonstrators will use the national flags instead of party colours and songs. In the same post, Okwalinga assures protesters of success, arguing that “the silent mobilization is escalating”.

Source : The Observer

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