Police Officers to Face Exams

The police are to introduce regular examinations to scrutinise officers in charge of criminal investigations at districts to ensure proper management of cases, the director of operations at the Uganda Police force, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, has said.

Addressing police officers in Bukomansimbi district during a recent familiarisation tour, Kaweesi said the police had lately faced heavy criticism over dismissal of good cases poorly investigated.

“We are to start giving out periodic exams to officers in charge of criminal investigations at the district level, which assessment will give us the performance of the concerned officers. We hope that this will help us to establish who is performing how,” he said.

Southern Region Police Commander Maxwell Ogwal told Kaweesi that a district police station had to be opened up in Bukomansimbi following the creation of the new district before the 2011 elections. However, the regional police office is not ready for that station. He said the district had offered a big chunk of land for the police to put up a station so it can stop renting but the land is still unutilised due to resource constraints.

Bukomansimbi District Police Commander Gertrude Temaya reported a number of challenges facing her station, including the lack of a reasonable police cell, stationery and accommodation for the men and women she is leading.

“When it rains heavily, some suspects use the opportunity to peel off the iron sheets and escape because there is no ceiling at the facility we are renting,” she said. “In many cases we have also been forced to type and print our documents, including those which are classified, with public stationers since we don’t have computers or even a secretary at our station.”

Source : The Observer

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