Police officer charged with murdering man

North Charleston. A white police officer from South Carolina, United States, has been charged with murder after video emerged of him shooting a black man running away from him.
State investigators arrested North Charleston police officer Michael Slager on Tuesday after viewing the mobile phone video of the shooting.
Authorities say victim Walter Lamer Scott was shot after the officer had already targeted him with a stun gun.
The US Department of Justice is set to launch an investigation.
Police officers in the US shoot and kill hundreds of people each year, but only a handful of cases result in the officer facing criminal charges.
The incident last Saturday began after Scott’s car was stopped for having a broken rear light, local media reported.
A video of the incident published by the New York Times shows a brief scuffle before Scott begins running away. The officer then fires several shots at Scott, who falls.
The Post and Courier reported that Mr Scott had been arrested about 10 times, mostly for failing to pay child support or show up for court hearings. Mr Scott’s brother, Anthony, said he believed his brother fled from Mr Slager because he owed child support.
The shooting occurred as heightened scrutiny is being placed on police officer shootings, particularly those that involve white officers and unarmed black suspects.
A grand jury declined to indict Ferguson, Missouri officer Darren Wilson over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown last August, leading to nationwide protests.

Dec 2014: Jerame Reid, 36, is shot dead in New Jersey. An officer claims Reid was reaching for a gun, but video footage seems to suggest he was attempting to step out of the car, hands raised.
Nov 2014: Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy, is shot dead by Cleveland police after a local resident reports he is pointing a gun at passers by. The gun turns out to be a toy.
July 2014: Eric Garner, an asthma sufferer, is placed in a chokehold by police in New York after refusing to be handcuffed. He dies despite repeatedly telling officers he can’t breathe. No police are charged.
March 2014: James Boyd, an unarmed homeless man camping in Alberquerque, is shot dead by two officers. Video of the incident leads prosecutors to say the officers acted with “deliberate intention” and they are charged.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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