Police occupy health centre

It’s double tragedy for the people of Buyobo Sub-county in Sironko District. The only health centre in the area that has been idle for years has now been converted into residences for policemen.
Residents told the Daily Monitor that although Buyobo Health Centre was constructed in 2009, it has never had drugs. This has left lives of several people at risk.

Patients now have to trek about 8-10kms to seek medical services in Budadiri Health Centre IV and Buwasa Health Centre IV respectively.
Mr John Busiisa, the chairperson of Buyobo Health Centre management committee, noted that for the last four years, the ministry of Health has failed to make the facility functional despite the posting of medical workers.

“Although the facility has qualified medical workers, including the in-charge, on government payroll, there are no drugs and other logistics,” Mr Busiisa said.

“Police has occupied the health facility and we are tired of seeing this,” said Mr Busiisa.
The Elgon region police spokesperson, Ms Diana Nandawula, acknowledged the problem. She said the policemen had initially been attached to guard the health centre and did not forcefully occupy it.

“The health centre has expensive medical equipment. We decided to attach two police officers to guard the equipment as the health centre for their own security guard,” said Ms Nandawula.
Buyobo Sub-county chairperson Robert Waninga concurred with Ms Nandawula on the need to secure the equipment.

The Chief Administrative Officer Sironko, Mr Joseph Lomongin, urged the residents to be patient as the Ministry of Health is working on the issue of drugs.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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