Police hunting for bus driver for not giving way to presidential convoy

Police in Kampala are hunting for a bus driver who failed to stop to give way to President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy on Kampala-Gulu high way.
According to police, the driver of a Scania bus registration number UAG 414F of Otada Bus Company failed to stop to give way to the Presidential Convoy causing some of the vehicles in the convoy to veer off the road at Nakitoma trading company.
At the time of the incident, the President was not in the convoy and nobody was injured.
“The Scania bus has been impounded and parked. The driver of the bus is on the run. We urge any one with information on the where about of this driver to report to police,” said police’s deputy PRO, Ms Polly Namaye.

According to the amended Traffic Act, ambulances, President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker, Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice plus a bullion van from Central Bank have a right of way on any Ugandan roads.
However, there are times according to situations when any person can ask for right of way according to the nature of the journey, according to the Director of Traffic and Road Safety in the Uganda Police, Dr Steven Kasiima.
Dr Kasiima in an earlier interview with Daily Monitor said traffic officers normally arrest those who violate the rules of right of way and charge them basing on the traffic rules.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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