PM Rugunda meets Zambia Acting President Guy Scott

Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda on Wednesday met the Acting President of Zambia, Dr Guy Scott, assuring him that as his country recovers from the demise of President Michael Chilufya Sata, Uganda supports a peaceful transition to the next presidency.
During the meeting at the Cabinet Office (Office of the Vice President), Lusaka, Dr Rugunda said the people of Uganda grieved with Zambians over the loss of their beloved Head of State.
He handed over President Yoweri Museveni’s condolence message, according to a statemet from the office of the prime minister.
“We will also remember President Michael Sata for the selfless efforts he has made since taking office of Head of State of Zambia in 2011, to improve the lives and welfare of the people of Zambia,” President Museveni’s message said.
“He stabilised the country through various government policies and programmes which included fighting corruption and improving the infrastructure of his country,” President Museveni further said.

Dr Scott said his remaining job entailed ensuring effective transition and putting in place a new President within the next 80 days or so, adding that he would neither support nor campaign for anybody.
“The Central Committee will sit tomorrow (Thursday) to chat the way forward for a democratically elected candidate and the General Conference (of the ruling Patriotic Front) will select a presidential candidate,”Mr Scott said.
“There cannot be a shortcut and that’s my legacy,” he added.
Mr Scott scoffed at those fronting him as a presidential aspirant, saying: “They are wasting their time.” At least 5,000 people were said to be pestering for his candidature in the next presidential elections. However, the Zambian Constitution does not allow him due to his parentage.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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