Plan to achieve your targets

Mulwana leaves home for work at 6am with a well laid out plan for the day. By mid-day, he has not achieved anything because he is interrupted by meetings and non-invited visitors.
By the end of the day, he is too exhausted to complete the workload, and thus creating backlog.
He is not alone. Many employees either through procrastination or events beyond their control find themselves moving off a set work schedule.
Even though, in some cases, such interruptions could be part of your daily work duties, at times they tend to end up slowing or even reducing productivity at work.

Mr Isaiah Kitimbo, a human resource expert, aises that to avoid such uncertainties, setting principles can be very crucial in planning your work effectively.
“You can manage time by learning to say no to assignments that you cannot handle on time. Do not allow other people waste your time, organise your work, make creative use of spare time, eliminate activities that make the smallest contribution to your life, and be prompt for all appointments,” Mr Kitimbo aises.
Mr Kitimbo further aises that one should try to eliminate all distractions at the workplace.
“Engaging in office gossip is one thing that should be avoided given that its time consuming,” he says.
Mr Bob Nuwagira Ambrose, the information education and communications Officer National Environment Management Authority (Nema), says the first things that you would wish or plan to do – commonly known as to do list – should be noted either as you wind down the previous day or list things on the morning of the D-day.
“These should also have timelines in order to be more focused and effective, ‘say before noon, I should have finalised with the proposal’. When some schedules are easily predictable such as meetings or appointments with visitors this can be helpful on when and for how long they will fit into your schedule,” Mr Nuwagira says.

Mr Nuwagira also proposes delegation of duties to someone else for convenience and also save time for other activities that might come up in the day like an emergence meeting.
“Whenever you have an opportunity to delegate someone to attend to that meeting or entertain the visitor, use it. It might be more relieving,” Mr Nuwagira told Jobs and Career.

In cases where emergences such as impromptu meetings come up, it is important to segment time.
“You can decide to entertain visitors only after 10:00am and before 4:00pm such that early morning and late evening hours are your uninterrupted time to pay attention to your assignments,” he adds.
Mr Mathias Ssuuna Mulumba, the Executive Director Centre for participatory Research and Development, an NGO that provides consultancy services in agriculture, emphasises that one must have a diary so as to have a week programme ready.
“You need to plan that in case I have a meeting it should last for two hours and then leave for another function,” Mr Mulumba says.
Avoid social network
Mr Mulumba also discourages spending a lot of time on social media such as Watsapp, Facebook and Twitter because this kills concentration, adding that messages from friends on social network can be read during lunch time.
However, Mr Mulumba like other experts, aises that employees need to spare more time for meals, warning that one may not be able to produce much output if you have not had lunch.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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