People can see you on the other side

I’ll probably take some heat for this one but I wish there was a way to cover up when breast-feeding.

It is improper and borders on perversion to look at a mother’s breast in that way but as a man, I am used to seeing boobs in some way and I find it quite odd having to deal with a breast-feeding mum.
But then again, this is one of those things where you have to understand and deal with it anyway so it is a fix.

Ivan Okuda
You are in a taxi and there is this woman throwing ground nut after ground nut down her throat, she is chewing quite loudly and not bothered. Some even munch away on rolex (chappati with eggs) in public spaces. Others chew gum loudly while talking.

No, no, no. The dude next door can do that and get away with it but even Franklin, the notorious Nigerian of the Luzinda fame will not forgive a woman who eats that way. And others can sit really, really, really badly. Sometimes we even see their pink knickers.

Okay, we know how much optical nutritional value that can add to us especially if you are endowed, we also appreciate some, if not most of you don’t realise the knickers are all out there but please, when in public, don’t commit the sin of not checking if your treasured private territories are under public display.
Only in your bedroom can you not mind.

Show their underwear. Granted, no one, male or female should show their underwear in public but as a guy, my eyes are turned on the other side.
In a taxi, it can be quite embarrassing having to avert your eyes from the crack of the woman right in front of you. For decency’s sake, you are wishing someone would at least tell her to cover up but then again another thought comes into mind maybe she’s done it on purpose (Atulagirako bwereere).
In the street, it feels inappropriate. Maybe it makes sense in a dance hall but even there, chic would attract stares if nothing is covered.

Andrew Wallace
The people that work in glass building offices along the streets will probably testify to this. I’m talking about that One-way type of building glass. The type where people inside see everything going on outside, but the people on the outside can’t see through..!? Yah.. Some women stop outside such buildings and use these reflective building glasses as dressing mirrors- to adjust their wigsweaves, skirts and God knows what else they need to pull onwith all the dramatic movements they make while checking themselves out.
People inside the building watch and wonder how oblivious the lady in the “dressing mirror” is of the fact that she is being watched the whole time! I find it hilariously sad.

Eugene Mugisha
Hahahahaa… I’m enjoying this. Please keep venting. Benjie, that is a mother, a new mother banange! As for you Ivan, the way you put it, women are just disgusting. Andrew, window shopping for free. Jamie as usual, just being the mean one.
Now for me, frankly, what I hate is scenes. I hate women who cause scenes, drama queens and that useless lot. You are entitled to expressing yourself, but we are not supposed to be part of your issues. Woman, go wash your linen at your muzigo!

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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