Patients suffer as health facility is turned into offices

Shocking revelations have emerged that Bumasikye health facility in Bumasikye Sub-county in Mbale District, which was meant to serve an estimated 13,451 people, has instead been turned into sub-county offices, leaving hundreds of patients to trek several kilometers to the nearest health centres.

The facility
The health facility, Bumasikye Sub-dispensary, was constructed in 2009 under the then local government management service delivery programme at the time when Bumasikye Sub-county was curved out of Busiu Sub-county.

However, Mr Eric Jack Nanghosha, the Bumasikye Sub-county LC3 chairperson, while responding to concerns raised by the residents over lack of a health facility in the area, explained that the facility was idle yet the Sub-county needed space for administration.

The decision
“The resolution [to occupy the facility] was backed by the mother sub-county of Busiu, which recommended that since the health facility was rendered redundant due to lack of drugs and other logistics, it could be turned into sub-county offices. But as a sub-county entity, we are planning to vacate the facility and construct our own structure,” Mr Nanghosha said.

The nearest health facility to Bumasikye Sub-county is at Busiu Sub-county, 11 kms away.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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