Patients attack hospital guard over colleague’s death

Kamuli. Shock gripped Kamuli District Hospital as a terminally sick person was pulled down from the bed and died on the floor shortly after.
The patients and attendants blamed the death on a hospital guard, who they accused of manhandling the patient and accelerating her death.

The act forced people at the hospital to become rowdy with threats to punish the guard who fled later.

They said he was brutal, rude and called for his removal from the hospital.
“The askari [guard] dragged the patient out after she defecated on the bed and threw her down where she died minutes later,” a one Rashid, who was attending to a patient, said.

The attendants also said the deceased had told them that her lover had abandoned her in Tororo and put her on a bus back to her parents in Kamuli after realising she was HIV positive and was on anti-retroviral treatment.
“After using her, he dumped her and she came here without an attendant. We have been helping her though she has passed on in a wrong way (sic). But she knew her days were numbered,” said Ms Halima Nabirye, another attendant.

The hospital superintendent, Dr Robert Isabirye, however, said the guard was trying to help the deceased. He said the patient was in the last stages of the sickness, which often present with loose body systems forcing the bowels to give way.

“It is unfortunate the askari, who is not popular with the public, helped her out but she was terminally ill and on her last stages that often are accompanied with passing out of stool and urine,” he defended the guard.

According to hospital records, the deceased was admitted on November 20 as Nagweri Beatrice from Tororo.
She was due for X-Ray test for TB.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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