Parliament okays new leaders

Parliament. Parliament has approved four new commissioners to represent MPs on the Parliamentary Commission. The MPs were also given the nod to take up slots on the 13 standing committees of the House.Positions at the Parliamentary Commission, the arm of the House charged with the administration of Parliament, welfare of the lawmakers and parliamentary staff attracted stiff competition.Twenty three NRM MP jostled for the three positions allocated to the party.

NRM chose Wakiso Woman MP Rosemary Seninde, Bukedea Woman MP Rose Akol and Mr William Nyekorach (Northern PWDs) for the Parliamentary Commission. Opposition FDC tapped Aswa County MP Reagan Okumu.Speaker Rebecca Kadaga nominated the four MPs expelled by the ruling party to committees.

Earlier, Kibanda County MP Amooti Otada (Independent) tried to block the process arguing that Independent MPs are not “treated equally” as their colleagues who, come to Parliament on party tickets and that they would be “disenfranchised” if the approvals continued.

“We went to the constitutional court to challenge some rules of parliament but court has refused to give us an injunction. It would be unfortunate to proceed with a matter that is sub judice,” Mr Otada argued.

Aruu County MP Odonga Otto also attempted to challenge the February appointment of Leader of the Opposition in Parliament (LoP), Mr Wafula Oguttu and that of the Chief Whip, Ms Cecilia Ogwal.Mr Otto challenged the appointment of Mr Oguttu, arguing that an election was supposed to be conducted to elect the LoP and a chief whip for the Opposition leadership in Parliament.Ms Kadaga ruled that the House cannot “legislate in anticipation” to shoot down MP Otada’s arguments saying the appointment of LoP is an internal FDC matter.


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