Paramedical Institute to Get Shs1.3bn Lecture Block

Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo has lauded the Uganda Institute of Allied Health and Management Sciences (UIAHMSI) for training experts the country desperately needs.

The State minister for primary education said Friday that UIAHMSI had been performing well for some time, posting sound academic results. Muyingo was laying a foundation stone for the construction of a Shs 1.3 billion classroom block.

Noting that the Mulago-based institute trains up to 2,000 medical cadres in 21 certificate, diploma and graduate programmes, Muyingo said the new block would be a great boost because teaching has over the years been done in wards and departments of Mulago hospital.

Expected to be completed within two years, the new block will also facilitate better management of the various programmes being implemented at the institute, which is part of government’s Skilling Uganda programme. UIAHMSI was established by the colonial government in the 1920s as a medical laboratory training programme.

It has since evolved to include training in medical fields such as environmental health, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, radiography , entomology and anaesthesia, among others.

Currently, it offers 21 programmes approved by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). Eight of the programmes are post-basic, five are higher diploma, seven are ordinary diplomas and one at certificate level.

Muyingo, who was moved from the higher to primary education docket in the recent cabinet reshuffle, but is yet to hand over, praised the institute’s principal, Dr Rwandembo Mugisha, for steering the facility out of administration wrangles to success.

The minister was particularly impressed by the progress on the ongoing construction project of a multi-billion modern laboratory structure, which Rwandembo has overseen over the past year.

Rwandembo assured the minister that the Shs 3.1bn structure would be completed by August. He appealed to the ministry to intervene to end a stalemate between the institute and Makerere University over the bachelor of dental surgery training.

The auditor general recommended that Makerere should take over the course because it doesn’t benefit the institute.

Source : The Observer