Pablo Live Brings New Twist

Not all is lost, after all. If you are among those tired of recycled jokes and too much focus on tribes and sex in stand-up comedy, there is still hope.

Please come back to the theatres. On Friday, comedy took a completely different twist – two comedians, one Kenyan and one Nigerian were visiting Kenneth ‘Pablo’ Kimuli’s inter-continental show, Pablo Live. And it could go down as one of the best shows ever.

The lower auditorium of the National Theatre filled to capacity. Kenyan comedian Sande Bush aka Dr Ofweneke came last on stage but added more salt onto already aching ribs – the guy knows what it means to engage the audience. How I wish all local comedians were there to learn two or more things from this Kenyan with a Nigerian accent.

He started off wondering why ladies were so much into weaves. He said Kenya’s and Uganda’s first ladies have short hair Lupita Nyong’o cuts her hair and remains prominent.

“Some of you have never had an askari talk to you, but have had weaved hair all your life.”

The night’s host, Pablo, did not say much, but left the floor to the guests. There is another duo other than the common Double Double of Bob Nuwagira and his Kenyan counterpart, Simiyu. This duo calls itself Laptopp, but real names, Deogratius Ojangole and Joseph Rwabutomize. They set the stage on fire with a lot of energy that for the first time, there was a standing ovation.

They joked about how the way a child cries can tell what it will turn out to be like in future – those whose cry is punctuated by hesitations are likely to be hawkers or taxi touts. Parents, take note. Daniel Omara, formerly for The Hostel local drama series, was introduced as a genius and he had no choice but to live up to the rating. While inviting him, Pablo said he was ranked among the top 19 comedians in Africa.

At least all his jokes were new and to the point. Demonstrating with a female fan, he told of how weird it is for a man to lean on his fianceacutee and walk, yet ladies can lean or cry on a man’s shoulder comfortably, he said amid bouts of laughter.

Omara has been accused of recycling jokes before. Well, this time he did his homework and blew the roof off with fresh and original jokes. He got fans out of their seats when he said ladies don’t move in with their boyfriends they sneak in.

“You realise it when you start hearing statements punctuated with ‘we’. When are we paying for power or water?” he said.

Other jokes came from Omukebete and a music interlude by a band led by Pablo’s wife Keren spiced up the night. The guest from Nigeria was also a hit. He calls himself Man of God (MOG), but it seems when he comes on to stage, he leaves God backstage.

He took on their local films in Nigeria, saying actresses and actors always die in slow motion and that it is only in Nigeria where a ghost looks right and left to cross the road. It was a stress-relieving night.

In Pablo’s own words: “This was my best show.”

Source : The Observer

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