Oyo forms team to address Tooro conflict


Tooro King Oyo Nyimba has formed a task force to address the touchy issues that could have led to the emergence of a challenger to the kingdom throne.

The nine-member committee is headed by the head of the royal Babiito clan (Omusuuga) Mr Charles Kamurasi. It will investigate causes of the conflict and address them urgently.

Addressing journalists at Karuzika Palace in Fort Portal on Monday, Mr Kamurasi said King Oyo selected the team chaired by him (Kamurasi) “to elaborate and create avenues through which a subject can voice his or her concerns or discontent to the king.”

A month ago, Prince David Kijanangoma kicked up a storm in Tooro when he announced through the media that he has overthrown his cousin, King Oyo.The declaration has since divided the subjects with some now paying allegiance to the self-proclaimed king.

“This Prince Kija (Kijanangoma) David did not observe the norms and practice of the Babiito clan. We condemn in the strongest terms whatever Prince Kija David and his supporters are doing since they don’t conform to the laid down procedures,” Mr Kamurasi said.

He added: “I must be open to you that whatever is being done by the so-called new king is not supported by the Babiito, he is supported by disgruntled elements.”

Mr Kamurasi said it is abominable in Tooro culture for any person to call himself a king or convene meetings using the name of the royal clan.

The takeover
While announcing the takeover, Prince Kijanangoma accused King Oyo of incompetence and abandoning the kingdom to live in Kampala. He also accuses the king of disregarding cultural norms and failure to prevail over the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa to stop interfering in kingdom matters.

Prince Kijangoma then set up a 21-man organising committee that will help him to push for reforms in Tooro Kingdom. He commended President Museveni for delaying to return Tooro Kingdom assets.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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