Over Shs18 billion recovered


Over Shs18.9 billion has been recovered by Uganda Revenue Authority and the Uganda Police following successful prosecution of corruption cases before the Anticorruption Court since its establishment about six years ago.
This was revealed yesterday by URA and Police officials during the open day celebrations of the Anticorruption Court held in Kololo.
The Commissioner Internal Audit in URA, Mr Protazio Begumisa explained that through the anti graft court, the Authority recovered the said money from tax defaulters.
He gave an example of where three suspects were taken to court and the authority recovered Shs9.6 billion as principle tax. The suspects were also penalized and ordered to pay Shs950 million
The other significant tax recovery was from Mr Malisu Apollo and four others who were convicted to a fine of $46000 (126,000,000 million). The convicts had been charged with making false and incorrect entries contrary to section 203 (e) of the EACCM Act.
On the other hand, Mr William Kotokyo, a Senior Commissioner of Police at the CIID, explained that ever since the inception of anti graft court, they have been able to recover over Shs900 million through plea-bargain programme.
“We have succeeded in recovering this sum through using automation in the institutions and presenting to court those people involved in tax invasion,”Mr Begumisa said.
Speaking at the same function, the acting depury registrar of the court, Ms Sarah Langa Siu said one of the challenges faced by this court is inadequate space.
“The Anti-Corruption Division(ADC) operates in what was a residential house, it has affected the court users in a way that the parking space is not enough as they always have to park on the road side which is not safe for their cars,” Magistrate Langa said.
“We appeal to the government to construct proper premises in an environment that is user friendly to all court users. There is even no proper storage facility for the exhibits such as cars, drugs and money,” she said.
In August 2008, Uganda established the ADC of the High Court and designated it as a special court to adjudicate all corruption and corruption related cases. It holds both High Court and Magistrate sessions.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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