Out and about What acts of terror should make us think about

Terrorism is on people’s minds everywhere you go. I am afraid terrorists are achieving their goal of creating fear in the minds of free people like us.
For ordinary Ugandans, we want to go shopping at Oasis Mall or Owino market not worrying our lives are in danger.
We want to go clubbing or catch a drink with friends, without concerns that ‘mad’ men could point guns or bombs if you don’t speak Arabic.
The terror cloud is hovering over us. Can we defeat it with our defiance?
Ugandan borders must be free of terrorism and anyone apprehended in such act should serve as a lesson for others. I am personally frustrated with the duration the 2010 bombing trial has taken. If our government agencies are sure the guys they have in the dock were responsible, why not convict them and keep them where they should be kept safely.
The evil meted on students of Garissa University College last week, and a hit man who shot dead Joan Kagezi highlight that terrorism is the greatest security threat facing our world today. The good news though is evil will always be defeated. Good always beats evil.
However, we need to remain vigilant and stop imagining that terrorists are people of some a certain origin with a particular religion. A terrorist can be anyone. He doesn’t have to wear a beard like some guy who arrested at a church recently.
Security should do its job, and not arrest people because they subscribe to one religion.
One biggest worry though is how easily we let our guard down. Yet terrorists work best with surprising their victims.
Why beef up security at supermarkets, churches, buses, et al, after hearing of an attack somewhere, only to abandon the checkpoints after two weeks?
I also wonder whether an ordinary guard would tell a bomb in a ball pen or cellphone form! I have heard from a friend with a licensed gun that he has driven past manned entrances with his gun, in this town without detection! Security companies need to retrain their guards to meet today’s security challenges. We should not assume terrorists are strangers.
Lastly, I feel bad for Muslims whose religion is often put in bad light.
The Muslims I know are good men and women. They are compassionate. They don’t cheat. They can’t kill. They are Muslims. They believe in the religion of peace. However, the terrorists have taken on the face of Islam. They lie that they do whatever they do in the name of God! Of course – that is a lie. Religion for terrorists is a means, not an end. It is a vehicle for their flawed zeitgeist.
Terrorism unfortunately may be difficult to root out in today’s competing global world views. The intolerance of some people cannot allow others any peace. A fairer world would reduce the need for violence, but, that is only in utopia because there will always be haves and have-nots. Or at least, as long as man has wants. And that is what is called greed.
It is unchecked greed that breeds atrocities like terrorism. It has nothing to do with God. It has nothing to with one’s tribe or race. It has nothing to do with one’s social status. It has all to do with unquenched appetite for more. Failure to satisfy that appetite leads to frustration. Greedy, frustrated people can do anything to satisfy themselves, including murdering others.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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