Otunnu gets a roasting for being stingy

Some politicians can be frugal and others penny-pinching miserly, not generous, probably with a propensity to hoard their money, and tending to avoid spending it injudiciously. So, stingy isn’t really saving money in the sense of not spending more than one should, but rather keeping money by just hanging onto it at all costs. This would seem to be the lot of UPC leader Olara Otunnu.
The old boys and girls who attended festivities marking 100 years of Gulu High School recently contributed generously towards the construction of classrooms and dormitories. For instance, the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah contributed a handsomeShs2 million and delivered President Museveni’s notable contribution of Shs30 million.

The excitable MP for Aruu, Mr Odonga Otto, contributed Shs500,000 and some bags of cement. Former information minister Kabakumba Matsiko Shs1 million, Kilak MP Gilbert Olanya gave 10 bags of cement, Gulu Woman MP Betty Aol Acan pledged 30 bags of cement, while minster for Disaster Preparedness Hillary Onek surprised some with his Shs500,000.
Others made useful pledges. But not the UPC president an old boy of the school, he did not see it fitting to contribute anything – at least not publicly — prompting deputy speaker and Otto to name him in public.
Mr Oulanyah said he had heard that people were contributing but he had not seen the President-to-be contributing. He later asked the people to vote for President Museveni because even though he did not study at Gulu High, he still contributed Shs30million, unlike some people.

Mr Otto also rebuked Otunnu, wondering why he couldn’t even contribute a single coin. Otunnu kept quiet amidst the lambasting and later instead appealed to OBs and OGs to contribute more funds and ensure that the school regains its past glory.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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