Opposition Fights Worry FDCs Gen Muntu

Speaking at the formal inauguration of Wafula Oguttu as new leader of Opposition in Parliament, FDC President Gregory Mugisha Muntu said the incumbent president can be defeated.

“We must all be committed to work for the new Uganda because nothing happens by accident. The biggest fear I have is that we are running out of time, but not that we can’t take power,”

Muntu said as he witnessed the old shadow cabinet, including the former LOP Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, hand over to the new cabinet at the parliamentary conference hall on Thursday.

He, however, expressed fear that when the time comes to take power, the opposition, torn by in-fighting within its ranks, may not be prepared.

“We must organise and plan for the new Uganda because we can take power when we are not ready for it. I believe that another opportunity is yet to come in less than two years to achieve a peaceful transition, much as there is a lot of scepticism among our people and politicians… ,” he said.

He rallied his MPs to work for a new Uganda. “We must focus on institution-building and working for the next generation at both individual and organizational levels. The moment we are done with that, we shall be ready for a new Uganda and that is the way how the West we glorify handled their transition,” he added.

He commended the opposition leadership for organizing a handover function, which he said must be emulated by the people in power.

“We have had about four opportunities for a peaceful transition, but unfortunately, the NRM has failed to deliver it to us for [the time] it has been in power. But, I see it in a different angle and I think this can happen. For a new life to come, a seed must die.”

He urged teamwork among the new leaders.

“The new leadership in Parliament and all committee chairpersons should give hope to our people because the levels of frustration among our people are on the increase, but you can make them regain that hope,” he said.

Speaking at the same function, Oguttu asked for an amendment to the law that would provide that “all opposition political parties should be given slots in Parliament automatically” so that their views can be well represented.

The chief guest, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said she was ready to support the opposition’s activities in Parliament.

Source : The Observer

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