On Trend – Ankle Strap Padlock Shoes

The latest fad in town is the uber-sexy ankle strap pointed-toe stilettos.

Everyone wants a pair of these single sole shoes. And by everyone I mean the fashionistas and wannabe celebrities. No honey, they are not yet available in Nabugabo. You are just going to have to wait a little while longer as the Chinese get a pair and clone it into millions more cheap knockoffs which we ordinary mortals can then afford.

For now if you want a pair, contact the American designer Tom Ford. The pair features a golden lock-and-key charm hanging from the ankle strap as well as a golden, covered heel. The sleek shape makes legs appear longer and leaner.

However, the style is tougher to walk in since there is less foot support because of the pointed heel. But like they say, the most uncomfortable heels are the sexiest. Ms Sue Ochola De Roy managed to get herself a pair which costs about Shs 4.5 million. That is my year’s worth of rent going into acquiring just one pair of shoes. Sigh!

Ms Ochola is calling on all her groupies – Judith Heard, Brenda Nambi, Hellen Lukome… to join her. Other known celebrities rocking this pair of pumps include Paris Hilton (what is she up to by the way?) Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. Ms Lopez probably has a pair in all the colours of the rainbow.

The single-sole shoe can go with just about any dress or skirt. You cannot wear it with a long dress, skirt or trousers because if you cover the padlock, how will people know that you forked out some millions? Pencil skirts or ballerina dresses will show.

Source : The Observer