Oil Firms Asked to Reserve Jobs

The Bunyoro Kitara cultural leader His Majesty Omukama Rukirabasaija Solomon Gafabusa Iguru 1 has asked oil firms to employ his youth so that they can benefit from the oil discovered in his kingdom.

“I want to ask oil companies to get my youth jobs in the oil sector. Employment is one of the biggest challenges, but once these young people have jobs, you will have helped us. As a kingdom we have put in place a university to educate some of them,” he said.

He was speaking recently at a football tournament sponosred by China’s CNOOC. The Kingdom is in the Albertine Graben, in western Uganda where most of Uganda’s crude oil has been discovered.

A survey done by the three joint venture partners, CNOOC Uganda Limited, Total EampP Uganda and Tullow Uganda Operations Pty estimated that the oil and gas industry will create about 150,000 indirect and induced jobs but many would be temporary for artisans.

Source : East African Business Week

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