Obtain and act on feedback

“They actually listened to us and promised to work on all our grievances! We couldn’t believe it!” My friend Lucy had just returned from an off-site four day staff retreat where her employers had hosted their entire staff of 150 people.
One of the items on the agenda had been a review of their staff satisfaction survey results. Lucy was clearly in high spirits.
We spent the next three hours talking about how much she enjoys working for a company where although she works incredibly hard, she feels heard and appreciated.

How often do you make an effort to obtain feedback from those around you, be it at work or at home?
Identify the objective
In order to ensure that your feedback questions will provide the information you are looking for, begin by identifying your objective.
Why are you interested in obtaining feedback? To improve your job performance, to improve the quality of customer service or to improve employee working conditions? What will you use the answers for? You will need to ask questions that help you achieve your objective.

Ask the question
Commit yourself to obtaining feedback, then go ahead and obtain it. Keeping things simple, you might be interested in obtaining instant feedback on your performance.
For instant feedback on the job, from staff or from customers, simply ask: “How am I doing? What are you happy with? What would you like me to change?” They will either answer right away or offer to get back to you shortly.

The same questions or variations of them may be asked in several other ways. You will need to determine the most practical method within your means.
For some businesses, this will be via survey – online, printed sheets, text messages or even verbally over the phone. For others, large town hall meetings or smaller face to face meetings might be more appropriate. Lucy’s company distributed a short organisation-wide online survey.
When we are working on a client assignment, we prefer to obtain feedback during the assignment so that we can make the necessary adjustments as opposed to waiting until the project is completed.
By then it will be too late to address areas where our performance was less than satisfactory. Make a habit of obtaining feedback on a regular basis and or throughout an assignment.

Provide a response
Irrespective of your opinion on the feedback received, acknowledge it. Demonstrate gratitude and let the people who responded know how you plan to act on their responses.
Lucy and her co-workers were thrilled when Senior Management told them exactly what would be done to address their grievances and also provided a timeline. Let your supervisor know how and when you will address the gaps identified in your job performance. Let your customers know when you will implement their recommendations.
Obtaining and acting upon feedback is one way of improving any environment, be it at work or at home – your job performance the quality of your goods or services and even your relationships.

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SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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