Obsessions premiere new play

Obsessions has been everything in the arts from singing to dancing and acting. But the group was most popularly identified as an all girl singing group with five members in the recent past. They split, remaining with only two members Sharon 0 and Jackie O. This didn’t also workout well until they decided to rebrand to a dance and drama group called Obsession Africa, which is made up of six boys and three girls.

Obsessions Africa premiered their new play dubbed Goddess of the Nile at the National Theatre auditorium on Saturday. The play was written and directed by Ronnie Mulindwa who is also the lead actor.

Goddess of the Nile is about a kingdom whose king passes on without leaving a successor. They had to beseech the king of a neighbouring kingdom to marry one of their girls so that they can get a successor.

The group not only acted but also performed some contemporary dances fused with ballet. The new boys in the group pulled some energetic dance strokes sending the audience into ululations.

There will be two shows daily at 3pm and 7pm until January 4. Entrance is Shs20,000.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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