Observer Locker – Is It Time to Write Off Manchester United?

Leicester’s 5-3 hammering of Manchester United was the latest confidence-sapping blow to a United team that spent more than 100 million pounds in the transfer window…

Yiga: I just can’t help laughing that a village team like Leicester could humiliate Man-Utd that badly.

Nsimbe: I am sure you are also laughing at yourself after what West Ham did to you.

Kabuye: The truth is that after West Ham beat us, Leicester City’s win was a consolation for me.

Balikweya: Those Leicester players almost left us lifeless.

Kiyonga: Mbu…Van ‘Girl’. Whatever happened to Falcao.

Nsimbe: But I don’t think Arsenal have created a big gap between them and Man-Utd to compel Kiyonga to start mocking Man-Utd.

Kiyonga: No, the thing is that there was a lot of hype surrounding Louis Van Gaal but we don’t see anything.

Kavuma: People, it is still early days for Van Gaal. Give him time.

Kiyonga: The British media is going to have him for dinner.

Kavuma: For me my concern is that he substituted all our top players, which disorganized the team.

Talemwa: As Man-Utd fans, there is need to calm down and give the re-building process time.

Nsimbe: But you also have to consider that referee Mark Clattenburg messed up the game.

Sebugwawo: Leave referees out of this. Man-Utd should have scored six goals.

Kiggundu: As much as the ref messed up, Van Gaal said Man-Utd defended badly.

Nsimbe: But Kiyonga seems to be suggesting something else.

Kiyonga: My friend, the British media reported that he said Danny Welbeck wasn’t good enough.

Nsimbe: So, is your suggestion that Welbeck would have won the game for United?

Kiyonga: Didn’t you see how he managed to score for Arsenal against Aston Villa?

Nsimbe: And then what? You make it seem like Welbeck never scored for United.

Kiggundu: On a serious note, though, even we of Liverpool are on the ropes.

Kabuye: I wonder why Brendan Rodgers isn’t sacked?

Kiggundu: The thing is that we have so many new players and they are yet to fit in.

Atusiimire: Instead of feeling frustrated, why don’t you just join Arsenal?

Kiggundu: What has Arsenal won in years for anyone to join it?

Atusiimire: Didn’t you see the 3-0 win over Aston Villa?

Muheki: Man, this Arsenal team is no joke. Ozil…….bad news!

Atusiimire: Eno Arsenal……we are winning the league. I am telling you.

Lumu: You go away, you know no football. You were always a liability to the Observer team. How then can you start debating on English Premier League football?

Source : The Observer

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