Observer Locker – Gunners’ Free-Fall Worrying

Arsenal’s 0-6 loss to Chelsea on the weekend turned out to be a day of fun for the junkies.

Even in the days after, Arsene Wenger’s men remain a laughing stock…

Kavuma: Eh! Guys, how was it? This Chelsea v Arsenal fixture?

Sebugwawo: Ha…..bano bakuba. These Chelsea guys simply demolished Arsenal. The team has been code-named 656.

Nsimbe: You mean Arsenal? Hahahahaha…

Zziwa: I need to reduce my interest in Arsenal and return to local football- my KCC FC.

Mulumba: Wakakiraba ssebo? We of Liverpool are chasing the league title while Arsenal is in reverse. On a down-slide.

Kavuma: They may even fall over us we are worried.

Zziwa: Now you listen to a man from deep down in the village speaking. Your team is in seventh place, Kavuma, and you are talking.

Mugalu: Ha….Zziwa is now losing it.

Zziwa: Nedda, this Kavuma man can’t put Man-Utd in the same boat as Arsenal.

Talemwa: But Man-Utd has never conceded six goals in one game.

Zziwa: That is just keeping up a g face. But the truth is that Man-Utd is dead.

Mulumba: But you are soon joining them. The fact that Kiyonga walked from office to Kasubi after Arsenal’s 0-6 loss, shows you aren’t far off from losing it.

Kiyonga: But that isn’t true that I walked that far following Arsenal’s loss.

Mulumba: Okay. But you don’t deny that you were walking while talking to yourself when you left at half-time.

Eupal: Right now we shouldn’t be worried that Arsenal is in free-fall. Instead we should be thankful to God that Chelsea yatulekedde obulamu…..otherwise that could have killed us.

Mbanga: I also didn’t know that we were that ruthless too. We beat Arsenal surely.

Nsimbe: Actually, Mourinho could be vindicated for suggesting that Wenger is a perennial failure.

Zziwa: For us we are satisfied with the way Arsenal plays its football more than the trophy.

Nsimbe: By the way, where did Hon Ssemujju Nganda disappear?

Kabuye: Someone needs to call him to find out if he didn’t committing suicide.

Source : The Observer

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