Observer Locker – Can the Cranes Really Overcome Ghana At Namboole?

With the 2015 Afcon qualifier between Uganda and Ghana beckoning, junkies just can’t wait for Saturday, when action gets underway.

Ssekika: Mpozzi Ghana is coming to town this weekend?

Nsimbe: You got that right.

Ssekika: But to do what?

Nsimbe: Of course to play football, what else.

Kiyonga: To humiliate us. There is no way we are surviving.

Nsimbe: You will be surprised when we beat Ghana.

Sebugwawo: Wapi……there is no chance for Uganda against Ghana.

Ssekika: But really Nsimbe, you also think Uganda can do anything against Ghana? You are joking.

Nsimbe: By the way, I am convinced Cranes will win on the weekend.

Ssekika: The funny thing is that although Cranes beat Ghana, they still won’t qualify for the Nations Cup.

Kiyonga: I can assure you, Ghana is coming here to score an avalanche of goals.

Zziwa: But surely, how can Ssekika comment about the Cranes when he knows no football?

Ssekika: You think you know more football than me?

Zziwa: That is what question. A man like you from Bunyoro should never have been allowed to be here in the first place. Haha

Kiggundu: But let us not marginalize Ssekika. He may have his g views about the game.

Kiyonga: Ssekika is right. Cranes will be battered by Ghana.

Kiggundu: The funny thing is that Cranes will surprise us by winning when we least expect them to.

Mbanga: Don’t tell us. Cranes just brings us pain.

Baranga: Naye ddala you people still have hope in the Cranes?

Mwesigwa: For me I lost hope in Cranes.

Kabuye: The same way I have given up on Liverpool.

Nsimbe: Kabuye, you have now followed Ssemujju Nganda who left Arsenal?

Atusiimire: By the way, football can cause one a heartache and pressure.

Kiyonga: You weak hearts aren’t supposed to be in football.

Mbanga: Why don’t you join Chelsea where there is no pain?

Kiggundu: You people amuse me. How can you quit your team because it’s losing?

Atusiimire: Man, that Swansea loss was too much to take. It really hurt.

Ssozi: By the way, this season is proving to be hard for every team.

Nsimbe: It’s really going to be an unpredictable season.

Lumu: But Atusiimire, why don’t you just return to your favoured hobby of raring cattle?

Source : The Observer

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