NSSF Encourages Students to Save Their Earnings

University students aspiring to work for corporate companies have an opportunity to develop their employment skills according to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) career Expo that was launched on 26th March at Makerere University.

Speaking at the launch, Olive Birungi Lumonya, the NSSF Head of Marketing and Communications said that it is vital to teach the youth how to save at an early age because they are the very same people that will contribute to the Fund’s growth. “Saving is a culture that one cannot ignore at any stage of growth”, she said. She added that some workers are not encouraged not to save by their employers and most especially public workers. But she urged students not to go by that perception because they were taught what employers look for and their expectations.

For self-sustenance, students were encouraged to register with NSSF as a way of encouraging a savings culture and social security planning for they are assured that even when there are no jobs for them their registration number remains and continues to be there and still they can deposit any amount for as a saving.

According to Lumonya, six percent of the adults’ saving, five percent is for NSSF which is a great need to save. She noted that even the people’s salaries have increased since 1995 to date meaning that the more people save, the higher their salaries rise.

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) also called upon students not to grass after campus having taught them how to develop their skills, to prepare for interviews and writing CVz and a package of professional aice as well as an opportunity to engage with potential employers.

Savings protect employees against the uncertainties of social and economic life. And according to NSSF, it is a privilege for all employees in the private sector including Non-Governmental Organizations that are not covered by the Government’s pension scheme.

Confirmed by Dorothy Nabatanzi a university student saving made her what she is now. “After being aised and encouraged by the NSSF Career Expo I registered and I have never regreted,because I work as I study which is a good way to go”, she said. “Therefore students should never be discouraged by the little they have but instead they should deduct another little and save it”. She added. Dorothy continued to tell her fellow students not to ignore any piece of job offered, but to get down on it since it eventually builds them confidence and skills as a way to go. “Students do not have to wait and run after people with their own money but instead of visiting friends, hanging around and sitting back so often, they can as well look for something earning to do”, she said.

Source : East African Business Week

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