Nsenga – Uwera Starts Her Defence Today

Testifying on Friday afternoon, Claire Atuhairwe, the 13th witness, who works with Face Technologies – the official makers of driving permits in Uganda – said Uwera was an experienced driver who got her permit in 2002. She told court that Uwera regularly renewed her driving permit and highly doubted that Uwera could accidentally run over somebody.

The 10th witness, Prof Jackson Mwakali, a lecturer at Makerere University’s department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, told court on the same day that the information they had from the USA-based 2005 model manufacturer of the killer vehicle suggested that the car could not accelerate on its own. Uwera claims she never intentionally knocked her husband Juvenile Nsenga but, rather, the car accelerated on its own.

Mwakali said that after the accident, a team of experts examined the vehicle at the scene of crime at Bugolobi and later Naguru inspectorate department.

“My expertise shows that for this vehicle to knock the gate and later a person, it required a long distance because it would have stopped at the bolted gate unless someone was braking and accelerating it at the same time,” said Mwakali.

Another witness, Andrew Mugimba, a police inspector of vehicles, told court that when he inspected the killer vehicle, he found the back-seat stained with blood. Mugimba said the killer vehicle was in good mechanical condition and had no history of accelerating on its own.

“I also later took it for a road test and found it in sound mechanical condition with no fault apart from some scratches on it,” he said.

At the end of his testimony, the defence lawyers turned down an opportunity to cross-examine Mugimba. Later, Richard Ouma, a guard at a house in Nsenga’s neighbourhood, told court that at around 9pm, a lady [Uwera] he didn’t know came at their gate and asked for help.

“Because my boss was not around, I went with her to the next gate where I found a man who seemed to have been knocked and was screaming in pain. The lady wanted me to help her put the injured person in the vehicle at the gate but I could not do it alone. So, I called our gardener to help me,” testified Ouma.

Ouma further testified that he found Nsenga in unbearable pain, in a pool of blood.

“He kept crying but I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying but it was clear that he was in pain,” he said.

Asked by defence lawyer Nsubuga Mubiru whether Uwera had any conversation with the late, he vehemently denied.

But when asked to read part of his police statement, Ouma said he heard Uwera telling the husband: “I’m sorry darling I’m very sorry sweetheart”.

This prompted the defence lawyers to tender in Ouma’s statement as part of their documentary evidence. Following the end of the prosecution’s submissions, Mubiru told Justice Duncan Gaswaga that Uwera was ready to defend herself.

“We have heard from the prosecution, now our client would also love to tell the public her side of the story. On Monday, we shall start our defence,” Mubiru said.

Mubiru also revealed that part of Uwera’s defence will be a video which they will show to court on Monday [today].

Prosecution claims that on January 10, 2013, Uwera deliberately knocked and killed her husband as he opened the gate for her.

Source : The Observer

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