NRM seems to be modelled on Animal Farm philosophy

It is disconcerting that many of us are blaming former prime minister Amama Mbabazi for not only his current predicament and woes, but also for passing the Public Order Management Bill and the phone-tapping Bill. Even people with skeletons in their closets are calling him a snake.
Fortunately, Dr Kizza Besigye’s biography written by Daniel Kalinaki, that was serialised in the Daily Monitor has come at an opportune time. It gives us another side to the story of the NRM and its members.
Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray and Love)ame up with a notion that you can use just one word to describe a city or people. I think the one word that summarises Kampala and Uganda, is survival. Everybody is in a mad dash for survival. It does not matter how, as long as they survive. We can also use one word to describe our visionary leader, manipulation.
Mr Museveni came to power when I was in Senior Three at Nyakasura School. Some of my contemporaries dubbed me his greatest admirer. I did not know that the values he fronted were camouflaged to keep him in power. There is no vision to celebrate at the moment. If it is there by any remote chance, then it is fuzzy.
As a teacher in Masaka in the early 1990s, while discussing Animal Farm with my students, I tended to draw very remote comparisons between the revolution in George Orwell’s Animal Farm with Museveni’s NRA war. Inwardly, I suppressed the thought that the trends in the NRA or NRM would take the path of Animal Farm. Now we are getting it from Besigye’s memoirs that the NRANRM was by design and intent modelled on the philosophy of Animal Farm.
Boston, Massachusetts

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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