NRM leaders in bitter fight over verity of opposition defectors

An NRM mobilizer in Soroti district and the district party chairman are involved in an acrimonious fight over the verity of the alleged opposition defectors being prepared to go and meet President Yoweri Museveni in Rwakitura.
Ms Teddy Acam, the NRM mobilizer in the district and attached to statehouse said she is opposed to the group that has been mobilized by Mr Charles Elasu the NRM chairman, on grounds that they are not genuine.

According to her the alleged defectors have been NRM silent members.
The fracas surrounding, the said defection of the opposition team to NRM came to light during Preident Museveni’s recent visit after the NRM chairman allegedly denied the state house NRM mobilizer to be part of a team to lead the president to receive the defectors at Soroti Flying School.
Ms Acam said she cannot allow the alleged defectors to be paraded before the president as it will be fooling him (President Museveni). Ms Acam also said she is mobilizing a team of women who marched across Soroti town to celebrate the sacking of former premier Amama Mbabazi to visit President Museveni’s country home in Rwakitura.

However, Mr Elasu said that he choose to cancel his plans of having the defectors received by the president at Soroti Flying School because some NRM leaders in the area wanted to hijack his efforts and pose as to have courted the opposition members to cross to the ruling party.
“Am the party chairman who knows my party members,” he explained.
According to an insider who wished not to be named, the alleged defectors numbering about 50 are expected to be leaving a round mid-November for Rwakitura to meet the president.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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