NRA war ammunition dug out in Luweero

An assortment of ammunition, believed to have been used during the National Resistance Army (NRA) liberation war has been dug out in Luweero District.

The ammunition include two bombs, an anti-tank rifle and six G-3 guns. Luweero District CIID chief, Mr Topher Gimei, says the police on Monday received six G-3 rifles which were recovered by a farmer, Mr Jamil Ssenkubuge, who was clearing a bush at Namakata village in Makulubita Sub-county.
The rifles had been piled together and buried several feet deep in the ground. “We have been receiving information about abandoned war material. We have responded by contacting the UPDF while some of the material recovered has been handed over to the police,” Mr Gimei said.

Mr Ssenkubuge says the area where he recovered the six guns had not been used for a long time. The guns, he said, were rusty. “I contacted my area LC1 chairman who informed the police about the guns in my garden,” Mr Ssenkubuge said.
Kamira Sub-county chairmanLivingstone Kategaya told the Daily Monitor that one anti-tank rifle had been recovered at Kabunyata village on Sunday by a farmer who was clearing a bush. He said materials including empty shells are now common in many areas of Kamira Sub-county because the area was a battle ground between the then UNLA government forces and the NRA guerrillas in the early 1980s.

“We only appeal to our residents to be careful when they come across any suspicious material which could turn out to be dangerous,” Mr Kategaya said.
The chairman noted that in the past two years, several weapons have been recovered and handed over to security agencies.
Mr Patrick Kissekwa Sonko, the District councillor representing Makulubita Sub-county said a Uzi-gun and three magazines were recently recovered in a bush at Kitemamasanga village and handed over to the UPDF.

“This area hosted the high command for the guerrilla forces at Mondlane camp in Makulubita Sub-county where we suspect that some of the military materials we are recovering could have been abandoned by either the government forces or the NRA rebels. Our people should not play with these suspicious objects,” Mr Kissekwa said yesterday.

In the past
In May 2013, an abandoned bomb exploded and killed one person while five others were admitted at Nakaseke Hospital nursing serious injuries. The explosive was picked from a farm at Bulamba village as a scrap metal. The men who were clearing a farm carried the suspicious metal to their rented home were it later exploded as they tried to remove the rust.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor