Not again!

No we are not making New Year’s resolution lists, are we? Why do we even bother? We never do those things anyway.

And you know the reason why? We are not organised. The fact that we make the lists at the beginning of the year is the greatest telltale we need that excuse to try and kick start our haphazard lives, and what is better than a number that says 0101? The fact is that if you were the kind of person that would make an action plan, you don’t need to wait for the year to end.

But, please don’t let me stop you from doing your thing. In fact, to show you that I have nothing against your efforts at gaining some control over your life let me give you a few ideas

1. Get more sleep it will make you less irritable. Sleep-in over the weekends whenever you can.

2. Eat vegetables with every meal. Eat less sugar. I’m not a health specialist and I’m not a fan of vegetables but even I know that less sugar and more greens make for healthy living. If you are approaching middle age, consider cutting out sugar and meat gradually. Your taste buds may be displeased, but the rest of your body will be grateful. Make this a healthy living year.

3. Do some exercises, at least once a week. It is not much, but it is better than nothing. You get older every day, so, every effort to keep in shape is worth it. You don’t need to join a gym programme, simple things like stretching, walking or jogging can do for a start. Get in shape this year, or next year, it will be twice as hard to keep fit.

4. End that relationship if it is not working out for you. You know it is not working, you have known it for a long time. But you keep making excuses, only postponing what needs to be done. Stop planning to do it and do it. Sure, it will cost you, but you will be much better for it. You have the right to be free and happy, to be with someone you love being with.

5. Stop sweating the small stuff. Focus on the important things, let the unimportant things go. Deal with anger there and then, and move on. Keep calm, don’t let people and things easily ruffle your feathers. When they do, brush it off, and move on. It’s not worth your time.

6. Love yourself. Its sounds absurd, but few people actually love themselves. Most of us spend our lifetimes trying to make other people’s lives worth living. This is commendable, please don’t stop. You make this world a much better and friendlier place. But, take time to care for yourself as well. Do things you love doing, take time to develop your hobbies, get that luxury you have always wanted, tune out the world and tune into yourself.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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