Northern Fans’ Love Overwhelms U-Turn

Comedy outfit U-Turn embarked on a trip to northern Uganda last weekend.

It was part of the Mirinda Comedy project, where different comedy groups are travelling around the country cracking jokes. This particular group has been in this business for some time but like the rest, they have mainly concentrated on Kampala.

Only television has helped to showcase their talent to the rest of the country. So the tour bankrolled by Mirinda is also a way of getting the fans to meet the funny faces they see on TV. U-Turn performed in Gulu at Karma bar on Friday night, before moving to Lira hotel on Saturday.

Dickson Zizinga, Raymond Rushabiro, Frobisher Lwanga, Simon Kalema, Veronica Namanda, Ninah Katamba, Eve Kemizinga, Kenneth Van Muk and Gerald Rutaro graced the stage. It looked like someone had underestimated the audience, because both venues were fully packed, with some revellers left standing.

Speaking to The Observer after both shows, Rushabiro said even the comedians felt overwhelmed by the love from the fans in both northern Uganda towns. Not only did they come in big numbers, they also were a great crowd that never failed to understand each joke delivered by the comedians. The crew is known for short and punchy skits. The topics range from money, to corruption and promiscuity.

In one of the skits, Rushabiro, acting as Zizinga’s house help, pretended that when in the next room, all he could hear was his name being called. But anything said after that was inaudible. That is after he had emptied the boss’ wine bottle.

So the question of who drunk the wine got no response till he came out to explain to the bosses that the room could be having a problem. Zizinga entered the said room and heard his name but the next question asked in the presence of his wife, “who impregnated the housemaid?” somehow could not make it to the room.

Herbert Sseggujja aka Mendo’s new stand-up character, teacher Mpamire, is a great way of rebranding himself although he still sent the crowd into bouts of laughter with his impression of President Museveni.

Source : The Observer

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