North Koreans caught in Busoga’s politics

That the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and the State minister for Regional Cooperation, Mr Asuman Kiyingi, do not see eye to eye is old hat. But last week, fate compelled the two politicians from Busoga to cross to paths.
Mr Kiyingi led a foreign delegation including Kim Yong-nam, North Korea’s ceremonial head of state, to Parliament.
A stiff Kadaga welcomed the delegation, dabbled in officious talk with the apparatchiks from the Communist state but conspicuously ignored the Bugabula South MP who was seated to her right. The Speaker would rather steal glances to her left where Wakiso Woman MP and Parliamentary Commissioner Rose Sseninde were seated.
Ms Kadaga and Mr Kiyingi remain locked in an almost mortal fight for supremacy in Busoga, a contest that has raged for years with the MP accusing the Speaker of plotting to unseat him in Bugabula South where Salaam Musumba once reigned supreme.
“I don’t think I will dignify that man (Kiyingi) position with an answer. I will not,” Kadaga was quoted in a local daily at the peak of their dispute in 2012 when Mr Kiyingi accused her of fomenting intrigue in Busoga.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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