Nkumba Reopens to Tough Terms

Nkumba University reopened its doors for its evening students last weekend, following a month of closure over a students’ strike.

However, day students remain shut out until next month. The university was closed after a three-day students’ protest over increment of retake fees and fees for sitting missed papers. According to a resolution issued by University Council Chairperson Dr David Byatike Matovu, students pursuing weekend courses resumed last Saturday, while evening programmes will recommence tomorrow (Monday).

Distance learning students are expected to report on January 10 for registration ahead of end of semester examinations three days later. Those students offering evening, weekend and distance learning programmes will be required to complete their fees to resume lectures and sit exams, but the University Council has set tough rules for students on day programme.

According to the notice issued last week, day students will report on January 19 to fill a commitment form, pledging to obey the students’ code of conduct. The form, downloadable from the university website, is worth Shs 50,000. The filled forms shall then be sworn before a commissioner of oaths or magistrate of the courts of law before being submitted by students in the company of a guardian or parent

The parents will then cough Shs 150,000 more for the damages and “miscellaneous costs incurred by the university” following the November 17-19 strike. Day students will begin their exams on January 28.

Source : The Observer

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