Nile Breweries Slashes Prices

Nile Breweries has slashed the prices of some of its low-end beer brands.

The prices of all brands in the Eagle family – Eagle Lager, Eagle Extra, and Eagle Dark – have been cut, some by as much as 20 per cent, according to a company statement.

“For Eagle Extra, this represents a 20 per cent reduction to Shs 2,000, making our brands the most competitive in the market,” Greg Metcalf, the Nile Breweries managing director, said.

Brewed for the low-end market, the Eagle brand is also known for supporting farmers as all the raw materials for the beer are grown locally. Metcalf said the drop in the beer prices would increase the amount of tax the company pays to government.

“When we keep our brands affordable, beer volumes grow which enables us remit more taxes to the government, and above all buy more sorghum from farmers to boost their incomes,” Metcalf said.

He said that the price cuts should be enjoyed by everyone along the value chain.

“Our pricing must be understood in this context and we urge all players in the value chain to respect it and pass benefits to each other.”

Source : The Observer

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