Nigeria, Uganda Parliamentarians Held Experience Sharing Meeting With Members of the House

Members of Parliament from Nigeria and Uganda held experience sharing meeting on Monday (June 23, 2013) with chairs of standing committee’s of the House of People’s representatives. On the occasion Mewarir Dandibgbu, Deputy Chair of Nigeria’s Parliament Standing Committee for Agriculture expressed his appreciation to Ethiopia’s effort to make the Kulumsa Agriculture Research Center a center of excellence in improved wheat seeds research. He also noted Nigeria’s desire to work closely with Ethiopia in agricultural development. Members of the Standing Committee for Agriculture Affairs of the House of People’s Representatives affirmed that the experience sharing session was valuable in enabling the two countries share their best experiences in the field of agriculture. In another meeting Ethiopian MP’s had another experience sharing session with Ugandan Parliamentarians in budget approval and reviewing practice in their respective legislative bodies. Members of the Standing Committee for Budget and Finance briefed the Ugandan delegation on the practice of the House in relation to budget approval and on aspects of its utilization. Ukumu Reagan, Head of the Ugandan delegation noted that his delegation had greatly benefited from the experience sharing session.

Source : Government of Ethiopia

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